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Lynchburg, VA |

August 2009

going for a design tweak for

9:54am 30 Aug 2009

@johncarl FYI – your “connect: twitter” link isn’t working on duckduck

5:41am 30 Aug 2009

heading downstairs to church!

12:54am 30 Aug 2009

Watching old mythbusters and playing around with the new facebook app (for iPhone).

12:53pm 29 Aug 2009

@MyanRoser your map map of North America see the resemblance?

4:01am 29 Aug 2009

@MyanRoser snow leopard’s a little faster. Quicktime is much faster…1 sec macbook wireless reconnections

3:58am 29 Aug 2009

@johncarl I want to see a pic!

3:00am 29 Aug 2009

@harryfike you’re watching Wheel of Fortune?

2:54am 29 Aug 2009

@MyanRoser lol. You map says Marco is from Mexico. haha.

2:50am 29 Aug 2009

@johncarl Oh man that lens looks amazing! You get all the cool toys *jealous*

2:49am 29 Aug 2009

pretty sure our MacBook’s DVD drive has given out. It won’t recognize the Leopard Disc, but I think I can use target disc mode with the iMac

2:49pm 28 Aug 2009

well, I got Snow Leopard installed, but lost growlmail and widemail :( Looks like I’ll have some hacking to do this weekend…

2:28pm 28 Aug 2009

@jmarkwallace sorry to hear about your dog :(

6:12am 28 Aug 2009

got my #wordpress theme options working thanks to @G4b1Dev

5:07am 28 Aug 2009

OSX snow #leopard is here!!!

4:50am 28 Aug 2009

RT @harryfike: wireless electricity demo at TED: amazing.

3:48am 28 Aug 2009

arggg!! I can’t get theme options working in #Wordpress I’ve been trying for like 2 weeks now!

1:57am 28 Aug 2009

waiting on my MacOSX #leopard disc to showup. If it doesn’t come soon, I’m resorting to other means!

1:03am 28 Aug 2009

Today’s music – @calvinharris’s “Ready for the Weekend” and @ferrycorsten’s Countdown 113. Working on!

12:56am 28 Aug 2009

not happy with my #Flash frontend at Thinking about keeping the same idea, but switching to a #WP frontend for SEO

2:20pm 26 Aug 2009

@andrea_r ok thx for the tips. Gonna try a local install then. Just need it for dev.

3:40pm 10 Aug 2009

@andrea_r “@painteddigital have you got the right account level?” I have a linux shared hosting deluxe plan. Is that what you mean?

1:01pm 10 Aug 2009

still can’t get wordpress mu running on godaddy. Kinda giving up at this point.

1:14am 10 Aug 2009

trying to install wordpress mu to no avail! grrrr….

9:14am 9 Aug 2009

RT @mashable IE6 No More! Popular Web Companies Start Project to Kill IE6 – now implementing this!

2:45pm 5 Aug 2009

working on getting an html/css site beat out for – it has been empty for far too long.
Afterwards, I shall #wordpress it!

2:42pm 5 Aug 2009

RT @mashable IE6 No More! Popular Web Companies Start Project to Kill IE6

2:40pm 5 Aug 2009