Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

September 2009

@GoDaddyGuy yes I have. There is an index.php file present.

11:43pm 29 Sep 2009

@godaddyguy I’m getting a forbidden error on a subdomain I just setup can you help me out?

3:41pm 29 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser I’m down. What do you want to do it on?

1:02pm 29 Sep 2009

@michaelheald your site redesign looks great! I just found your twitter too! Glad to see a blog addition.

4:40pm 28 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser yeah, youtube is really slow for me too. :(

4:06pm 28 Sep 2009

Yay! Free Icons from GraphicRiver ( designed by Turbomilk!

2:14pm 28 Sep 2009

Safari 4 has been sooo laggy in Snow Leopard. It drives me up the wall. #apple #fail

1:58pm 28 Sep 2009

“Giant” size in Japan

1:54pm 28 Sep 2009

9:40am 28 Sep 2009

@ThemeForest love the new redesign. Very clean. Although, it looks like your “sign up” button is 1-2px too low.

2:41am 28 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser do you have a tablet? I want a wacom cintiq!!

12:13am 28 Sep 2009

my lip is twitching and it’s really weird. In other news, I submitted my design for a psdtuts competition! Check it out

12:59am 27 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser lol

12:50am 27 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser that’s not it man. Thanks anyway

1:53pm 26 Sep 2009

@mayoff it’s not that big of a deal, I just ended up using an opaque gradient instead of a trans. one. Just figured there was an easier way.

1:52pm 26 Sep 2009

anybody know how to change the color of a bunch of shapes in #photoshop at the same time?

11:45am 26 Sep 2009

@bmsantiago still waiting on your games list, btw

11:37pm 24 Sep 2009

@bmsantiago by saying it was Friday there.

11:32pm 24 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser I like the one on the left, second down. Try combining two fonts.

11:30pm 24 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser me too bro. And about 8GB of RAM. I’m buying more soon.

11:29pm 24 Sep 2009

@bmsantiago you just messed with my head

11:24pm 24 Sep 2009

RT @erguncaner: Wisdom comes from hunger for God. How can I be hungry if I am full of myself?

11:23pm 24 Sep 2009

I am REALLY excited to come back to America. #truthursday

8:58am 24 Sep 2009

6:23am 24 Sep 2009

got #Xmarks, Widescreen Mail (via Letterbox), and #growl Mail working in Snow Leopard all in one day. Fanstastic!

5:59am 24 Sep 2009

@MyanRoser lol “Anus Burgers Run Wild Across America’s Restaurant Signs”

4:49am 24 Sep 2009

@niftysmith @erin_f you guys are the bloggiest pregnant girls ever I think. It’s pretty cool how you’ll get to remember yur thoughts forever

12:02am 24 Sep 2009

it has been almost a year and I still am amazed by the power of my #iphone. Love it.

2:50pm 23 Sep 2009

This is sweet. RT @make: Tile your bathroom in Tetris!

2:25pm 23 Sep 2009

side note – this is my first iphone camera app because: a. it’s affordable
b. it’s got twitter/fb
c. it just looks cool

11:21am 23 Sep 2009