Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

October 2009

@MelaniFinch you guys should come over and hand out candy and watch Harry Potter with us!

9:26pm 31 Oct 2009

@lloydsoldout where’s that $15 dreamcast link?!

5:03pm 31 Oct 2009

this looks cool! #fb

5:01pm 31 Oct 2009

I think our puppy got too fat over the past year to fit into his “boo” costume. We have Mom, Dad, and Nanny to thank for that. #fb

4:42pm 31 Oct 2009

@kreed83 haha. @reedstina hasn’t seen them yet, but I’m sure she’d love them. They look cool.

4:41pm 31 Oct 2009

Win a free lens rental : Follow @jimgoldstein for a chance to win Thanks @borrowlenses #jmggalleries

4:29pm 31 Oct 2009

RT @erguncaner: FAVORITE CHURCH SIGN today: “Oct 31- in church parking lot: Junk In Our Trunks. All welcome!” #fb

4:21pm 31 Oct 2009

trying to watch some British football to no avail #fb

4:01pm 31 Oct 2009

zombie painteddigital!

4:36am 31 Oct 2009

@MyanRoser LOL

4:30am 31 Oct 2009

RT @strobist: AlienBees coming to AU/Asia: (RT fer yer local buds if AU/Asia)

4:20am 31 Oct 2009

back home and ready for bed. Curious about this twitter easter egg #trick

4:17am 31 Oct 2009

heading home, then off to Kevin’s for a Halloween bash!

9:00pm 30 Oct 2009

RT @NationalDebt: $11,868,457,477,911.94 (-) (via @jimgoldstein) #fb

8:53pm 30 Oct 2009

ready to go home! c’mon 5 o’clock!

8:53pm 30 Oct 2009

@reedstina I thought you were awfully quiet today. Just search hulu under the comedy section.

7:21pm 30 Oct 2009

@MyanRoser nice! that coffin looks amazing

7:07pm 30 Oct 2009

crap. Just got loaded down with edits and laminating. I want to do logos! #fb

5:04pm 30 Oct 2009

@MyanRoser haha soon.

2:28pm 30 Oct 2009

working on an icon for the VA State Capitol’s cafeteria :D #fb

2:05pm 30 Oct 2009

@lloydsoldout Lynchburg (as in the city-folk) would love to have you

1:34pm 30 Oct 2009

happy not to be traveling this weekend :) #fb

1:33pm 30 Oct 2009

@MyanRoser you make me wish I had a mask!

1:28pm 30 Oct 2009

testing facebook updates #fb

1:20pm 30 Oct 2009

@MyanRoser that guy is smart.

1:20pm 30 Oct 2009

feeling glad we’re not going anywhere this weekend.

1:06pm 30 Oct 2009

off to work!

12:31pm 30 Oct 2009

heading to bed late tonite. Glad tomorrow’s Friday ’cause I’m #readyfortheweekend

4:21am 30 Oct 2009

@bmsantiago oh that sucks. I hope you win!

12:52am 30 Oct 2009

@bmsantiago what?! why?

12:30am 30 Oct 2009