Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

November 2009

Having fish and chips! #fb

11:00pm 30 Nov 2009

Wow! RT @michaelheald: All time fave 3D animators, Blur Studio’s have released their 2009 reel, oh my dear god… :)

10:51pm 30 Nov 2009

@MyanRoser lol

10:46pm 30 Nov 2009

@MyanRoser where’d your hair go?!

10:34pm 30 Nov 2009

@deb_funk have you gotten many lost students yet?

8:52pm 30 Nov 2009

so sleepy. Maybe too much turkey? Ready for a nap #fb

7:15pm 30 Nov 2009

back home. Going into “mole mode” to get some things done! #gtd #fb

7:12pm 29 Nov 2009

off to church #fb

3:56pm 29 Nov 2009

Apple, you’re losing market share here. RT @jmarkwallace: I’m seriously considering a new Nook. 8 reasons why:

4:19am 29 Nov 2009

@MyanRoser I think I’ll put you in charge of our money :)

3:58am 29 Nov 2009

@mattbrett 8184m! Nice.

3:57am 29 Nov 2009

done with coding for today. It’s time to watch our first holiday movie – Elf #fb

2:17am 29 Nov 2009

@MelaniFinch thanks guys! Appreciate it.

1:21am 29 Nov 2009

if you haven’t already, pls check out my new site and let me know what you think! Also tell all your friends #fb

1:04am 29 Nov 2009

if you haven’t already, please check out my new site and let me know what you think! Also tell all your friends :)

1:03am 29 Nov 2009

Alright. Feels good to knock out some to-dos. Theme is nearing completion. @reedstina gave up on the last and giantest Christmas tree. #fb

12:26am 29 Nov 2009

doing too much coding today! Though I’d be done hours ago. Hope I can hire someone to help me soon. #fb

11:28pm 28 Nov 2009

.@reedstina is making the house all Christmas-y. #fb

9:33pm 28 Nov 2009

RT @jeffcannata: If you like Christmas and Star Wars… today’s is for you. #fb

9:30pm 28 Nov 2009

man BB&T; makes me so angry. We check and double check our account and somehow they still manage to steal $35 in overdraft fees consistently.

6:12pm 28 Nov 2009

@lloydsoldout haha. I think I have that post to blame!

5:12pm 28 Nov 2009

Can’t get Queen out of my head. Motivating song though! #fb

5:05pm 28 Nov 2009

watching TRS while I work on getting my first theme finished for @themeforest :) #fb

4:33pm 28 Nov 2009

RT @Kriesi: RT @collis: Screenshot your computer as a LAYERED photoshop file – what a cool idea :-)

3:23pm 28 Nov 2009

back home in Lynchburg after playing cards with the fam. Going to have a great weekend! #fb

2:25am 28 Nov 2009

haha my parents just requested gmail instead of yahoo #fb

3:57pm 26 Nov 2009

trying to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade online. not much success.

2:54pm 26 Nov 2009

RT @emtaylor: New blog post: Share Your Web Design Prices Anonymously! (via @philmatthews)

5:26am 26 Nov 2009

@MyanRoser no, it’s not cool.

11:57pm 25 Nov 2009

at my parents house hangin’ out. #fb

11:36pm 25 Nov 2009