Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

December 2009

@chrismackintosh ok thanks!

11:54pm 31 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser We’re coming soon!

11:40pm 31 Dec 2009

@chrismackintosh how dis you know it was the power supply? My iMac has been cutting off lately

10:48pm 31 Dec 2009

@erin_f nice work Erin!

9:30pm 31 Dec 2009

@lloydsoldout @andrewroycarter nice work with the bus wifi. haha. I wish Google made free wifi everywhere!

4:31am 31 Dec 2009

RT @wpbeginner: How to Display Author’s #Twitter and #Facebook on the Profile Page – #WordPress

4:27am 31 Dec 2009

@JoshuaQuintero oh stink! It’s great! Can’t wait to rewatch in 3D.

4:18am 31 Dec 2009

We have to wait 27 days?! RT @mashable: Apple Will Command the Media’s Attention on January 26 –

12:16am 31 Dec 2009

RT @bmsantiago: RT @Tatticus: SF Sea Lions just up and left after 20yrs? They know something we don’t? Hrmmmmmmm…

12:13am 31 Dec 2009

@2nihon will do.

12:10am 31 Dec 2009

RT @johncarl: WOTD: Amazonukkah – When Christmas lasts for 8 days because presents ordered from took longer than expected.

12:09am 31 Dec 2009

@emtaylor I use Time Machine and it has already saved me once.

12:09am 31 Dec 2009

@JoshuaQuintero did you see it in Lynchburg? Did they have 3d?

12:09am 31 Dec 2009

@2nihon nice! we’ll have to use that code

11:54pm 30 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser my parents probably have an old nTelos phone. why?

11:43pm 30 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser richmond? has imax?

11:32pm 30 Dec 2009

@andrewroycarter oh nice! thanks!

11:32pm 30 Dec 2009

saw Avatar last night. Move was fantastic, but no 3D was a big let down. Where’s the closest Imax in VA?

5:42pm 30 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser loved it!

5:40pm 30 Dec 2009

@lloydsoldout where you moving to?

11:59pm 28 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser run boxee!!

11:46pm 28 Dec 2009

super tired from traveling all day. Now falling asleep watching Monsters vs. Aliens with @reedstina and my sis & her b/f

3:22am 28 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser did you hack your appletv?

3:20am 28 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser looks great. Hope you enjoy it! I want a zi8 review in a week or so ;)

3:13am 28 Dec 2009

RT @smashingmag: Free Sketching & Wireframing Kit –

11:01pm 27 Dec 2009

Just arrived in Tenn with my family. So excited to find free wifi!

10:58pm 27 Dec 2009

RT @jmarkwallace: I would NOT want to be a mouse when this guy comes around! 10,000 fps and amazing. Eagle Owl in f …

4:55am 27 Dec 2009

Forgot to tweet this yesterday. Our integra now has 200,000 and still going strong

9:46pm 26 Dec 2009

RT @reedstina: Playing Wii with the whole family is a great Christmas tradition.

4:05am 26 Dec 2009

@MyanRoser why didn’t I think of that?!!

4:03am 26 Dec 2009