Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

February 2010

@DavilaDraws haha I’m hoping to get lasek sometime soon(ish)

11:27pm 28 Feb 2010

love seeing everyone on twitter all on the same topic. Finally the #olympics have united us! Congrats Canada! I’d feel bad for you if we won

11:16pm 28 Feb 2010

@DavilaDraws I know exactly what you mean! I have issues with my contacts almost everyday too

11:11pm 28 Feb 2010

@MyanRoser lol @ the iMat

7:59pm 28 Feb 2010

Not going to lie, I think @andrewagarcia is going to win American Idol this year. I like his music already!

7:58pm 28 Feb 2010

@MyanRoser you broke formspring. I can’t search or answer any questions

7:33pm 28 Feb 2010

Just found out they aired Liar Game 2 last year! So excited! Liar Game was/is my favorite Japanese Drama #jdrama

7:23pm 28 Feb 2010

@pobenschain twitter said some users are having trouble with the main timeline. You should get this though.

7:21pm 28 Feb 2010

@MyanRoser ah! ok good

6:45pm 28 Feb 2010

@MyanRoser it’s much cheaper to move it than to re-buy. You’ll lose a lot on the sell. Been there. Done that. :/

6:02pm 28 Feb 2010

@garyvee trying to relax and not think about money. Also, my wife is hunting down some white wine for cooking…on winelibrary. Suggestions?

5:59pm 28 Feb 2010

@MyanRoser hey, none of those links work for me. I’d HIGHLY recommend you DONT sell your furniture

5:58pm 28 Feb 2010

@AshWallbridge Happy Birthday Ash. Hope you have a great one.

2:52pm 28 Feb 2010

Posterous’ killer feature

3:40am 28 Feb 2010

Posterous’ killer feature – Push updates by email to your friends and family You can invite your friends,…

3:40am 28 Feb 2010

@ProdigyImages It’s called “Squeeze” It’s for Snow Leopard only, and it’s part of the current MacHeist. see

2:07am 28 Feb 2010

Saturday night dorama time with wifey. Watching Code Blue.

1:35am 28 Feb 2010

…also one of my specializations is Asian-influenced art/design. I spent a year in Japan and can read/write Japanese :D

7:57pm 27 Feb 2010

@gcoghill yes, plus trying to break into illustration as well.

7:46pm 27 Feb 2010

@gcoghill PS- I WAS a graphic/web designer, but didn’t really get to stretch my wings per se.

7:21pm 27 Feb 2010

@mbusse thanks Matt!

7:19pm 27 Feb 2010

FYI, Yesterday I left my job to become a FT freelance web #designer, #illustrator, and #logo designer. Please hire me! :)

7:13pm 27 Feb 2010

@gcoghill haha thanks for noticing. I’ll tweet it out. :)

7:06pm 27 Feb 2010

@gcoghill I know. I got the same nervousness. I started out giving it a small folder and slowly moved up. No issues so far

6:16pm 27 Feb 2010

last Saturday of the Winter #Olympics has begun!

6:02pm 27 Feb 2010

@pobenschain still in PJs too :)

5:56pm 27 Feb 2010

wow squeeze has saved me 11.5GB of space so far! If you have snow leopard, you have to grab it while it’s FREE!

5:55pm 27 Feb 2010

@brandondayton you may notice that very often in Japanese stories (esp in Miyazaki films) the bad guys aren’t “bad.”

5:12pm 27 Feb 2010

@MyanRoser apologies to anyone following both of us and seeing all this rubbish

4:31pm 27 Feb 2010

@MyanRoser lies!

4:30pm 27 Feb 2010