Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

March 2010

@gowalla I voted for you guys! love your svc!

4:08am 3 Mar 2010

@MyanRoser vote! RT @gowalla: Reminder! You’ve got 3 more days to vote Gowalla for the SXSW People’s Choice Award:

4:07am 3 Mar 2010

@andrewroycarter too bad about the twitpic API, are you building a twitter client??

4:03am 3 Mar 2010

@andrewroycarter no, they work really well for me. Love ‘em in fact

4:01am 3 Mar 2010

@Vonster that would be such a nice feature!

3:54am 3 Mar 2010

@gcoghill I got bored with/confused by that show in like season 3 and quit. Can’t believe they kept going!

3:54am 3 Mar 2010

@AffairsofIsis Hey There! I’m a Web Designer. You can check out some of my work at Can I help?

3:31am 3 Mar 2010

Bob is so funny RT @bobostromstudio: Recommended @painteddigital to @MrTweet ‘I recommend @painteddigital because he’s a groovy cat’

1:33am 3 Mar 2010

@painteddigital also, I defintely DO appreciate the constructive feedback

12:51am 3 Mar 2010

@bobostromstudio many thanks Bob!

12:50am 3 Mar 2010

@DavilaDraws haha thanks Topher. I’m fighting with my printer over it now. Not a fan of print work. First thought was “My dad cant read this

12:50am 3 Mar 2010

@MyanRoser nice find. I might actually get those

12:35am 3 Mar 2010

@andrewroycarter those are cool!!!

12:28am 3 Mar 2010

@MyanRoser I’m going to try and get rounded corners if I can

12:26am 3 Mar 2010

@MyanRoser what’s UV coated?

12:21am 3 Mar 2010

@MyanRoser @andrewroycarter sweet thanks guys! Happy to get some feedback.

12:20am 3 Mar 2010

@jctremblay that’s what I’m looking for. @gcoghill already pointed me to it. Thanks!

12:19am 3 Mar 2010

I’ve been putting this off too long, but I think I finally have a biz card I’m pleased with. Like it? Hate it?

12:16am 3 Mar 2010

@MacHeist where’d the ‘heist go? Not working for me. Just an empty warehouse

12:11am 3 Mar 2010

2 minutes! RT @MacHeist: Stay tuned…

11:57pm 2 Mar 2010

@gcoghill !!! It is!! I almost always use the bar at the top. Thanks!

11:56pm 2 Mar 2010

@jctremblay do you know if illustrator has a distribute object by gaps like InDesign does?

11:31pm 2 Mar 2010

@MyanRoser do you really think it qualifies as a review? I thought it was more of a recommendation :/ Wanna film a review tonite?

11:21pm 2 Mar 2010

@greyrayne thanks Katie ;)

11:21pm 2 Mar 2010

@mrslizcook have you seen gourmet library? I don’t know much about cheese (other than “I like it”), but that site seems to have it.

10:32pm 2 Mar 2010

@lloydsoldout congrats bud! that’s awesome!

10:30pm 2 Mar 2010

3 Reasons to Drop What You’re Doing and Grab Dropbox – When I first heard of Dropbox I thought two things: 1….

10:27pm 2 Mar 2010

Can we go ahead and give “OK Go” an award for most creative music videos ever? This one’s a Rune Goldberg –

8:55pm 2 Mar 2010

@Vonster lol

8:52pm 2 Mar 2010

@mrslizcook I know one ;)

8:51pm 2 Mar 2010