Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

May 2010

If I had to pick a side solely based on helmets, I’d be a stormtrooper

11:30pm 31 May 2010

Watching Star Wars Ep. IV with my love. It’s been a while. Love this movie!

11:27pm 31 May 2010

@mrslizcook haha true.

10:11pm 31 May 2010

@mattwiebe I use this one for the iPhone. Looks like there’s an iPad version

7:28pm 31 May 2010

@mattbrett best. feature. ever!

7:18pm 31 May 2010

@bmsantiago haha looks pretty funny. @reedstina thought it looked stupid :/

2:16pm 31 May 2010

My first Memorial Day where Im the boss. Feels funny. I want to give myself a 3-day weekend, but I also want to get work done.

2:07pm 31 May 2010

@harryfike We love Light Chiro. I shall become mayor of gowalla…since it’s cooler than 4sq ;)

2:02pm 31 May 2010

@DavilaDraws calm down, it’s just a way to express emotions and soften statements ;)

2:00pm 31 May 2010

@hudepen wwww “give me ice cream!”

1:59pm 31 May 2010

@MyanRoser You rock! You were in my dream last night giving me advice. I wish we couldve seen you guys this weekend too.

1:50pm 31 May 2010

@mrslizcook chess game. Hurry ;)

4:16am 31 May 2010

Just got done hanging with @andrewroycarter & @llleighanne good times :)

4:13am 31 May 2010

Church with the Folk fam! — at Faith Point Christian Center

3:08pm 30 May 2010

Bah! Slept through the whole thing! At least Lewis Hamilton won!

1:57pm 30 May 2010

Guess it’s time to drag myself outta bed and see if the F1 race is still going.

1:52pm 30 May 2010

RT @MyanRoser: I totally wish I was at the Steal the Prize show tonight :(

2:30am 30 May 2010

I just climbed 1,600 meters in Ninjatown #TreesOfDoom! There is no failure, only improvement!

12:53am 30 May 2010

I Sheep Launcher :
Final Height: 40006 ft
Final Score: 1485835 pts

11:10pm 29 May 2010

3G! :) — at Valley Mall

9:07pm 29 May 2010

Getting some secret B-day gifts — at Play it Again Sports

5:28pm 29 May 2010

Trying out the pho! — at Otani Vietnamese and Japanese

4:45pm 29 May 2010