Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

June 2010

@gcoghill oh yeah. You too?

9:27pm 30 Jun 2010

RT @davidmckinneyjr: “God works in mysterious ways, but at least He works. He’s never on welfare in mysterious ways.” -Colbert

7:18pm 30 Jun 2010

@reidpeifer lol I heard that too

5:53pm 30 Jun 2010

RT @andrewroycarter: Yay for it not being hot outside!!

4:54pm 30 Jun 2010

@Scott_Raines All I’m saying is the hardware is amazing. It rivals a desktop comp from a few years ago. In Japan svc was great. :)

3:22pm 30 Jun 2010

@Scott_Raines dude the phone has nothing to do with the network. There’s tons of other carriers in the world. No antenna issues for me. :)

3:32am 30 Jun 2010

@MyanRoser I think you mean 200 other teen girls

3:29am 30 Jun 2010

@andrewroycarter nice test dude!

12:54am 30 Jun 2010

@Scott_Raines no way dude. This phone is the best ever. I need to show you the gyro

12:41am 30 Jun 2010

@lloydsoldout neither but Anna is the least attractive of the 2

12:36am 30 Jun 2010

FaceTime on the iPhone is the coolest! Just got done talking to @andrewroycarter and got to see @llleighanne’s house for the first time

12:33am 30 Jun 2010

@gcoghill dont do it! those cute kittens turn into stinky cats that smell up your house. There’s a reason HE’s not taking it

6:21pm 29 Jun 2010

@clifgriffin me too! I’m very impressed

6:13pm 29 Jun 2010

Just tried out Eliminate:Gun Range for iphone4 and was very impressed. It was a ton of fun and very accurate. Gotta pull away for some work

6:01pm 29 Jun 2010

Interesting. RT @lloydsoldout: Hulu Plus is $9.99/mo., can be watched at home, laptop, ipad, or 3GS/iphone4. better than cable? yep.

6:00pm 29 Jun 2010

@MyanRoser not me sucker!!! Those movies are for GIRLS!

5:59pm 29 Jun 2010

RT @lloydsoldout: fingers crossed. #japan

4:32pm 29 Jun 2010

@clifgriffin no bumpers :(

1:20pm 29 Jun 2010

iPhone get!!! Yay :)

11:37am 29 Jun 2010

Let us in already!!! #iphone #i4n

10:58am 29 Jun 2010

The AT&T; line in Lynchburg

10:33am 29 Jun 2010

About 22-25 people in line now. Couldn’t get anymore sleep. Too excited. #iPhone #iPhone4 #i4n

10:14am 29 Jun 2010

Just woke up from about a 1.5hr nap. Lots of chatter even at 4am. Hoping to nap some more before 6-7.

8:20am 29 Jun 2010

@pobenschain @andrewroycarter awesome! There’s about 12 people in line here. Glad you guys are set

8:19am 29 Jun 2010

@MyanRoser sounds like it’s time for another tv :/

8:17am 29 Jun 2010

@harryfike they won’t say, but Im guessing 20

4:36am 29 Jun 2010

In line for the iPhone4 at AT&T; in Lynchburg with about 8-9 others. Lots of excitnent already #iPhone #i4n

3:28am 29 Jun 2010

This is crazy. Running on water

8:08pm 28 Jun 2010

RT @Vonster: RT @gedeon: How to get your new iPhone 4 movies super steady. Homemade tripod baby! –

7:09pm 28 Jun 2010

@Scott_Raines That’s for sure. Weird thing about Japan is that EVERYONE uses cash almost exclusively. Most places dont accept card

6:54pm 28 Jun 2010