Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

July 2010

RT @RyanMoser: i love the new google images layout, more results on one page = less clicking!!!

8:12pm 31 Jul 2010

Escorting the groom! #ftwedding

5:42pm 31 Jul 2010

Why do fancy pants need 3 ways to keep them buttoned? I could understand 1 backup, but 2??

4:22pm 31 Jul 2010

@RyanMoser that seems like a good idea! I might give it a try

2:29pm 31 Jul 2010

@kat_ta Happy Birthday!!! I wish we were there.

4:42am 31 Jul 2010

Just now realizing the gravity of our mistake to eat at Sheetz.

4:27am 31 Jul 2010

Chilling with @andrewroycarter and @llleighanne on their last pre-wedding outing! — at Sheetz

3:41am 31 Jul 2010

@andrewroycarter nice pic!

9:07pm 30 Jul 2010

@bmsantiago lol

8:43pm 30 Jul 2010

Unsuccessfully looking for shoes #ftwedding

8:33pm 30 Jul 2010

@jeffcannata been watching TRS since ’08 and only just realized your voice does the intros. Blew my mind. Totally thoght it was someone else

6:02pm 30 Jul 2010

@Seth_Payne lemme know how that goes. We’ve thought about it

6:00pm 30 Jul 2010

@Seth_Payne yeah. Been thinking about it a lot lately. Gotta figure out what I’ll drive if I do it.

5:59pm 30 Jul 2010

RT @reidpeifer: “The application Photoshop has unexpectedly quit.” I wouldn’t say it was entirely unexpectedly.

5:18pm 30 Jul 2010

RT @RyanMoser: #FF @andrewroycarter and @llleighanne, Congrats guys!! #FTWedding!!!

5:18pm 30 Jul 2010

@Seth_Payne thanks bud!!

5:15pm 30 Jul 2010

@lloydsoldout now way! Via bus??

3:06pm 30 Jul 2010

@lloydsoldout hey we’ll actually get to talk in person for the first time in years! I haven’t gotten time to play with those files yet :(

2:16pm 30 Jul 2010

Ahhhhh!!!! That feels better :) — at Light Chiropractic

1:31pm 30 Jul 2010

Sooooooo tired. Somehow @andrewroycarter coerced me into staying awake too long again

6:41am 30 Jul 2010

@duel1ghz same here

1:37am 30 Jul 2010

Watching The Italian Job. Makes me feel cool for not having a real “job.”

12:07am 30 Jul 2010

RT @gcoghill: So it seems the iPhone will default to 3G when locked/sleeping if on battery, but stays on wi-fi when plugged in. Good to …

11:23pm 29 Jul 2010

@Vonster bummed to see it end

11:20pm 29 Jul 2010

@mediatemple kk thanks

11:07pm 29 Jul 2010

@mediatemple Ah ok. My dev says he’s banned now, but I didn’t get the message on login. How can I fix it?

11:03pm 29 Jul 2010

@mediatemple gs :3

10:12pm 29 Jul 2010

@mediatemple nm. I got blocked. Any way to create an IP Whitelist?

9:37pm 29 Jul 2010

@mediatemple I just set up svn and it was working but now my apps are saying the connection closed unexpectedly. Did something go down?

9:31pm 29 Jul 2010

RT @mashable: YouTube Increases Video Time Limit to 15 Minutes –

5:25pm 29 Jul 2010