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Lynchburg, VA |

August 2010

First Impressions meeting! — at One Community Church

11:12pm 31 Aug 2010

@cfultz I don’t know. Not sure whether gowalla would approve of my API calls or not. That’s why I haven’t really publicized it.

10:54pm 31 Aug 2010

@cfultz I just used the gowalla API and some php :)

10:53pm 31 Aug 2010

@bmsantiago for job or school?

10:51pm 31 Aug 2010

@niftysmith congrats! That’s great :)

10:51pm 31 Aug 2010

@mrslizcook I’ve used it!

10:50pm 31 Aug 2010

@kat_ta おめでとう!

7:57pm 31 Aug 2010

@ryanmoser got my gowalla item finder working again! Might try and add some icons

4:07am 31 Aug 2010

@lloydsoldout exactly!

3:35am 31 Aug 2010

@cfultz Sweet! Thanks man!

3:29am 31 Aug 2010

RT @mashable: Hell Freezes Over: AutoCAD Returns to Mac –

3:28am 31 Aug 2010

@RyanMoser everyone is tweeting food right now!! Gotta eat something!

2:27am 31 Aug 2010

@Vonster man that looks sooooooo good!

2:26am 31 Aug 2010

@andrewroycarter lol

2:24am 31 Aug 2010

RT @oatmeal This is how I feel about buying apps – The Oatmeal via @andrewroycarter

2:24am 31 Aug 2010

@lloydsoldout I’ll take 2!

2:22am 31 Aug 2010

@RyanMoser looks good!!

2:21am 31 Aug 2010

@pobenschain Coheed still rocks dude. Been one of my favs since ’03 ;)

1:22am 31 Aug 2010

@RyanMoser FYI- I can see that w/o being logged in

1:18am 31 Aug 2010

RT @gcoghill: ‘Color, Photos, and One Fuzzy Little Boy in a Field’: http://✪ (via @daringfireball)

12:23am 31 Aug 2010

Back from a family stroll

11:54pm 30 Aug 2010

@RyanMoser you’re dreading a dangerous line there brother!

10:44pm 30 Aug 2010

@webbsledge haha gotcha, I liked it too. Would like to do something similar for iphone maybe

6:35pm 30 Aug 2010

@clifgriffin ASP?! T_T I feel for you

6:35pm 30 Aug 2010

@webbsledge what don’t you like about it? What do you use? (former user)

6:32pm 30 Aug 2010

@RyanMoser @Wordpress rules hard! I love @tumblr and @posterous, but when I need features, gotta go WP ;)

6:31pm 30 Aug 2010

Man sometimes I hate knowing what quality really is because then the bar is permanently raised in my mind. #ignoranceisbliss

6:30pm 30 Aug 2010

RT @dailysnapp: Attention photographers! Got a cool shot? We’d love to show off your work and send viewers your way!

6:29pm 30 Aug 2010

@RyanMoser @seth_payne not sure who put that bra on, but it’s hideous.

2:46am 30 Aug 2010

@harryfike oh my. Only you dude. I’d have NO IDEA what to do with that…but I’m sure it’s something cool.

10:46pm 29 Aug 2010