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December 2010

@andrewroycarter “@mashable: New CMS Makes Creating and Managing Smaller Websites a Snap –”

5:21pm 31 Dec 2010

@andrewroycarter I’ve got some sweet ideas for 2011. Check your DMs

1:55pm 31 Dec 2010

I’ve got to hurry up and make some resolutions. @kevinrose convinced me

1:55pm 31 Dec 2010

@RyanMoser haha you and @andrewroycarter both

1:53pm 31 Dec 2010

@RyanMoser hehehe cool find, eh? ;)

11:35pm 30 Dec 2010

Rewatching Sherlock Holmes. I forgot how much I love the set and Art Direction!

9:34pm 30 Dec 2010

@lloydsoldout specifically Ciro’s pizza has the cure

9:06pm 30 Dec 2010

Apparently there are some Tennessee state football fans in here.

7:44pm 30 Dec 2010

@Scene3 lemme know if you want to explore ecommerce

7:27pm 30 Dec 2010

@andrewroycarter you better punk

7:27pm 30 Dec 2010

@Scene3 It’s difficult to run a Service business too.

7:26pm 30 Dec 2010

Our last dinner in Tennessee. Sad to leave, but excited to party tomorrow with more family! — at Applebee’s

7:22pm 30 Dec 2010

@duel1ghz sorry :(

4:51pm 30 Dec 2010

@duel1ghz no way! Have fun. We’re in Tenn.

4:50pm 30 Dec 2010

@jhRyanLaw nice

3:47pm 30 Dec 2010

Playing DKC with my little sis

3:13pm 30 Dec 2010

This place is great! We come every time. — at Applewood Farmhouse Grill

10:39am 30 Dec 2010

@Kercal I agree with “a” Saw it 3x in the theaters

10:20am 30 Dec 2010

@RyanMoser oh yeah!

10:15am 30 Dec 2010

I can remember every teacher who both smoked and drank coffee and then breathed in my face. Let’s put a stop to that.

10:13am 30 Dec 2010

@niftysmith Yay! Hold on tight ;)

10:11am 30 Dec 2010

@RyanMoser @andrewroycarter 4sq rewards me for using @gowalla :P

9:41pm 29 Dec 2010

@RyanMoser loved it! I need to see it again to take it all in!

9:07pm 29 Dec 2010

I just unlocked the “Super User” badge on @foursquare!

9:04pm 29 Dec 2010

Almost out of this mall…almost

8:27pm 29 Dec 2010

Finally getting to see HP7! — at Regal West Town Mall 9

4:36pm 29 Dec 2010

@RyanMoser no way! Here’s a secret: they’re overpriced. But still good

3:45pm 29 Dec 2010


3:44pm 29 Dec 2010

Checking out some teas. Tons to try! — at Teavana

3:41pm 29 Dec 2010

Got some new specs! — at Lens Crafters

3:33pm 29 Dec 2010