Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

January 2011

@RyanMoser whats it called?

9:39pm 31 Jan 2011

@jordanvande disappointing, eh? Lynchburg needs some improvement

4:54pm 31 Jan 2011

The most useful site I’ve seen recently for visually formatting/testing CSS3

4:04pm 31 Jan 2011

@lloydsoldout “@nintendolife: Don’t forget our chip and game music podcast #NLFM is on the way with plenty of aural treats in store!”

2:10pm 31 Jan 2011

@LEMcLennan @chrisleavens very cool!

1:50pm 31 Jan 2011

1:40pm 31 Jan 2011

@tif_smith Video: On walking…”

1:37pm 31 Jan 2011

@tif_smith your Tumblr links arent working

1:33pm 31 Jan 2011

Gotta love Android RT @abitofcode: Oh Oh! Androids Gingerbread allows a third party to steal all your dough :s

1:30pm 31 Jan 2011

I subscribed to Mrmilkcarton’s channel on YouTube.

12:58am 31 Jan 2011

@ashlee_dawn cone on! It was the best movie of 2010!

10:28pm 30 Jan 2011

@harryfike I know. Pretty sad news

10:24pm 30 Jan 2011

Found some really really cool tutorials for Logic’s ES2 synth today that got me very excited about making music again :)

8:56pm 30 Jan 2011

@ryanmoser seen these? — photo at Kroger

6:58pm 30 Jan 2011

@Scene3 sweet! Seems like a great way for some mobile sales

5:39pm 30 Jan 2011

@mrslizcook rescuetime. Works wonders

2:21pm 30 Jan 2011

RT “@dresdencodak: Ahahahaha Fox News, that is not where Egypt goes”

12:24pm 30 Jan 2011

Amazing amazing stories of healing shared this morning. Please come at 11:30 if you can! — at One Community Church

10:21am 30 Jan 2011

Hoping to make some Trance today too!

12:09pm 29 Jan 2011

Working on my first ever flowchart. Kinda fun and challenging. Later, another first: watching Scott Pilgrim with @bmsantiago & @greyrayne!

12:08pm 29 Jan 2011

@pauljamesdudley @jonryandotcom can’t wait!

12:04pm 29 Jan 2011

@RyanMoser @webbsledge seconded

10:28am 29 Jan 2011

@pauljamesdudley noooooo!!! We’ll pray for you

10:28am 29 Jan 2011

@andrewroycarter “@mashable: Watch Out TextMate: Sublime Text 2 Alpha Hits Mac OS X and Linux –”

11:42pm 28 Jan 2011

@sleon not much exercise here. I eat pizza on binge day

10:59pm 28 Jan 2011

@sleon @tferriss I’ve kept eating cheese and still lost 7 lbs in Jan alone. Went from 170 -> 163. might have to shoot for 155!

8:22pm 28 Jan 2011

@mattreed hey we have the same name and both know @sleon! I totally want your username >_>

8:20pm 28 Jan 2011

@RyanMoser for you guys?

4:20pm 28 Jan 2011

Favorite Egyptian producers are @alyandfila. Who also happen to be from Cairo. I hope they get their freedom! #TranceFamily

3:51pm 28 Jan 2011

My favorite Russian producer right now is @BobinaMusic #TranceFamily

3:49pm 28 Jan 2011