Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

March 2011

Just had a lovely tax meeting with Pam Myers. She was super helpful.

12:55pm 31 Mar 2011

@bsirach I’ve seen some complaints about 4.3.1 No issues here so far

9:58am 31 Mar 2011

@mbusse haha. Well deserved time off I’m sure

9:57am 31 Mar 2011

@mattwiebe gotta admit that’s pretty gross. Looking forward to the new Mail interface though!

9:55am 31 Mar 2011

@bsirach @andrewroycarter lol. Good description

11:50pm 30 Mar 2011

@bsirach @andrewroycarter me too. In those pants.

11:38pm 30 Mar 2011

@adamsingy I hate it too and I grew up here (*`へ´*)

11:30pm 30 Mar 2011

The best looking WordPress Options Framework I’ve seen. Very powerful and has a screencast!

10:35am 30 Mar 2011

@mattwiebe got one. I’ll hook you up tom.

12:23am 30 Mar 2011

9:37pm 29 Mar 2011

@RyanMoser haha you noticed!

9:30pm 29 Mar 2011

@RyanMoser oh… That stinks. They were smart to put it on there

9:29pm 29 Mar 2011

@RyanMoser nice

3:42pm 29 Mar 2011

@RyanMoser just beat your tiny wings score, punk!

3:41pm 29 Mar 2011

@tferriss 2 in the top 5! That’s impressive

2:48pm 29 Mar 2011

@gcoghill yeah. It sucks

2:45pm 29 Mar 2011

It took me a few plays, but this new Justice track has grown on me. “Civilization” cc: @bsirach

2:44pm 29 Mar 2011

@tacchi_k おけあり!!I am happy to see you tweet ^_^

9:54am 29 Mar 2011

@lloydsoldout nice. Couldn’t find on netflix

11:45pm 28 Mar 2011

@pobenschain get well soon Phil

11:44pm 28 Mar 2011

@lloydsoldout do you own or did you rent?

11:44pm 28 Mar 2011

@RyanMoser top scared!

9:09pm 28 Mar 2011

@andrewroycarter @bsirach Will Smith!

7:34pm 28 Mar 2011

@forrst awesome thanks

5:21pm 28 Mar 2011

@kylebragger @forrst feature request: let me stay logged in forever. I hate logging in constantly just to follow a link. Pls and thank you

5:21pm 28 Mar 2011

Whew! Just got saved by Time Machine (again)! Can’t wait to see it get even better with file versioning in Lion!

3:27pm 28 Mar 2011

@michaelheald did you update to 4.3.1? I heard it has some good fixes

3:19pm 28 Mar 2011

@jschoolcraft bacon rules! I couldn’t get bacon for a year in Japan. It sucked.

3:18pm 28 Mar 2011

@andrewroycarter hehehe. I’m on it!

2:03pm 28 Mar 2011

I just got the @AppSumo “How to Actually use Google Analytics Video” for Free (normally $25). Get yours:

10:00am 28 Mar 2011