Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

June 2011

@jordanemmet nice!

5:51pm 30 Jun 2011

@DJElECTRONIK13 No idea. Just wait for them to fix it I guess

5:50pm 30 Jun 2011

@DJElECTRONIK13 @askplaystation just got the same error :(

5:18pm 30 Jun 2011

Check out ‘Veokami for Lollapalooza’, a submission to HackLolla!

4:02pm 30 Jun 2011

@RachBrewer haha no worries! I’ll probably have some tomorrow. And bacon ^_^

2:56pm 30 Jun 2011

@RachBrewer someone’s been counting ;)

2:54pm 30 Jun 2011

DJing in the Trancemissions room. Now playing Aly & Fila, Philippe El Sisi #turntablefm

2:39pm 30 Jun 2011

1:01pm 30 Jun 2011

@gcoghill yeah. I can’t seem to access anything tho. Says it’s over capacity, but other people are using it

12:58pm 30 Jun 2011

@gcoghill did your invite look like this?

12:55pm 30 Jun 2011

@lloydsoldout what room? I’m waiting to get into Google+ too. Might be invited, but it won’t let me in.

12:45pm 30 Jun 2011

Wow Mark Andr├ęz just played this @alyandfila remix on and it is so sick!! #TranceFamily #edm

10:34am 30 Jun 2011

@hamlinjr are you in? I think I got invited, but it keeps saying that they’ve exceeded capacity for me

10:33am 30 Jun 2011

@RyanMoser I can’t read that for all the filter in my eyes.

9:55am 30 Jun 2011

@bluemadmatt @super8tab amen!

8:12am 30 Jun 2011

@jordanemmet @mjvandeb good movie!

11:20pm 29 Jun 2011

You can’t run w/out overcoming the risk of falling. You can’t swim w/out overcoming the risk of drowning. I say good luck Google+

9:37pm 29 Jun 2011

I’m sure they learned from Buzz and Wave. Even if it fails, it’ll be one more step forward for the web in my opinion.

9:36pm 29 Jun 2011

It’s weird to me that so many people are already jumping on the google+ poo-poo parade w/out even using it.

9:33pm 29 Jun 2011

@minimiha next time you hear that, run

9:22pm 29 Jun 2011

@RyanMoser ewww

8:08pm 29 Jun 2011

@Gartenberg @clifgriffin lololol

8:05pm 29 Jun 2011

@6Wunderkinder thanks!

4:36pm 29 Jun 2011

@pauljamesdudley cool! Have fun!

4:32pm 29 Jun 2011

@6Wunderkinder Hey guys, got an email from Matthew a week ago and haven’t heard from him since. Any idea why? matt @painteddigital dot com

1:57pm 29 Jun 2011

Just got ridiculously excited by SVG in HTML. Never knew how cool it could be. Just save from Illustrator as SVG and click “show SVG code”

1:54pm 29 Jun 2011

1:31pm 29 Jun 2011

It’s easy, breezy, beautiful in the ‘burg today :)

12:11pm 29 Jun 2011

11:07am 29 Jun 2011

@BlissSpillar I liked that too

10:24am 29 Jun 2011