Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

July 2011

My first Starbucks fix for this whole trip! @ Starbucks

11:12pm 31 Jul 2011

@RyanMoser you would not have believed the wait in there

10:49pm 31 Jul 2011

More fast food :( At least it’s different @ Jack in the Box

10:48pm 31 Jul 2011

Discovery: In CA the lanes are backwards. You pass on the right side and go slow in the left lane.

10:47pm 31 Jul 2011

Just ran into a town where everyone spoke Spanish @ 7-11

7:08pm 31 Jul 2011

Double-double animal style! This place is packed!!! @ In-N-Out Burger

4:19pm 31 Jul 2011

Check out the California pin I just got with @gowalla

1:54pm 31 Jul 2011

I’m at I-40 Inspection Station in Needles, CA

1:54pm 31 Jul 2011

We really don’t have much stuff. We’re the Penske. #perspective

12:49pm 31 Jul 2011

I think we’re somewhere in the Sierra Nevada @ Petro Truck Stop

12:29pm 31 Jul 2011

@Ryushi_to_2022 we’re going above LA to go to San Francisco :)

10:00am 31 Jul 2011

@RyanMoser Also, even though it was 100+, it didn’t feel as hot as VA does

1:37am 31 Jul 2011

@RyanMoser yeah dude, it was crazy hot! TX, NM, & AZ have been much cooler!

1:37am 31 Jul 2011

Trying some Arizona Thai! This town is so cool! @ Pato Thai

10:45pm 30 Jul 2011

@lloydsoldout check on

9:39pm 30 Jul 2011

@RyanMoser thanks bud! This drive is the ultimate in “long”!

9:36pm 30 Jul 2011

California Road Trip

9:32pm 30 Jul 2011

Hotel trees :P @ Comfort Inn #photo

9:31pm 30 Jul 2011

Flagstaff is unexpectedly woodsy and cool. It’s like a forest-themed town! @ Comfort Inn #photo

9:26pm 30 Jul 2011

6:43pm 30 Jul 2011

Love the Arizona pin I just got on @gowalla

6:31pm 30 Jul 2011

AZ. The last state in the way :) @ Arizona/New Mexico State Line I-40

6:31pm 30 Jul 2011

Texas was probably the prettiest state so far, but New Mexico has had the best weather!

3:17pm 30 Jul 2011

Ellie Goulding > Adele

3:17pm 30 Jul 2011

Larnch! @ El NorteƱo

3:10pm 30 Jul 2011

Check out the New Mexico pin I just got with @gowalla

12:52pm 30 Jul 2011

Truck stoppin’ @ T/A Pit Stop

12:49pm 30 Jul 2011

We saw prairie dogs!

10:47am 30 Jul 2011

Sipping on my caffeine drip before we hit the road. We “only” have to go 9 hours today. Sorry if I have missed any important tweets!

9:17am 30 Jul 2011

@lloydsoldout that’s really weird. Sorry dude

11:40pm 29 Jul 2011