Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

August 2011

@lloydsoldout no way! I guess I’ll have to take mine back or something. Thanks! Good choice btw, I got black too

9:25pm 31 Aug 2011

@RevJonJ yep still in there!

8:46pm 31 Aug 2011

@lloydsoldout really?? I have to sit it at an angle. Do you mind sending me a pic of what it looks like?

8:42pm 31 Aug 2011

@RevJonJ uhh I think. I’ll double check

8:41pm 31 Aug 2011

@lloydsoldout do standard headphones fit into your 3DS? I’ve tried 2 pair and they won’t fit properly.

7:29pm 31 Aug 2011

@Seth_Payne Sorry to hear that bud. Thanks for the update.

7:27pm 31 Aug 2011

@tif_smith @mylaundrystinks Michelangelo. Duh, nunchuks!

5:52pm 31 Aug 2011

Yay! No more planes for 6 days! @ CHO Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport

5:41pm 31 Aug 2011

@andrewroycarter @missashlee_ frosted Cheerios rule!

4:08pm 31 Aug 2011

@Seth_Payne Yo! You wanna buy a tegger this week??

3:52pm 31 Aug 2011

Touchdown! @ CLT Charlotte Douglas International

3:27pm 31 Aug 2011

@pauljamesdudley might see you on Sunday ;)

3:24pm 31 Aug 2011

Also, OoT is pretty good so far! The feeling of satisfaction when you figure out what to do is awesome. Better than Phantom Hourglass

3:12pm 31 Aug 2011

This flight has reminded me why America needs Bullet trains. You can show up right when the train does, no security, more legroom.

3:02pm 31 Aug 2011

Also, pissed that it was $25 per piece of checked luggage

10:21am 31 Aug 2011

@codemariner yup for a wedding!

10:19am 31 Aug 2011

Wow. We just had the classic movie rush to the terminal thanks to @usairways cancelling flights and creating a massive line. Whew!

10:17am 31 Aug 2011

Flying to VA for @andrewroycarter‘s birthday @ SFO San Francisco International

9:35am 31 Aug 2011

@gcoghill of course not :P

2:44am 31 Aug 2011

@gcoghill *raves at you*

2:43am 31 Aug 2011

Also, updating your 3DS when you want to go to bed is not a good idea :( take long time

2:41am 31 Aug 2011

Heading out to VA tomorrow for the wonderful wedding of Kevin and Brittany! I will surely miss being begged to and honked at.

2:40am 31 Aug 2011

@tif_smith needs to be edgy-er too!

1:47am 31 Aug 2011

@Scene3 get with the times! Srsly tho, my iMac at work destroys the one at home and it’s only 3 yrs/o

1:45am 31 Aug 2011

@andrewroycarter Sushi?

12:31am 31 Aug 2011

@andrewroycarter no way! what are you doing?? We should totally partyyy!

12:29am 31 Aug 2011

@andrewroycarter wait what?! Burday in 2 days?!

12:27am 31 Aug 2011

@RyanMoser yeah, z works great for zooming in, but I guess I’m so used to scrolling to zoom I don’t even think about it anymore

12:27am 31 Aug 2011

@RyanMoser mouse zoom is 100x faster. Plus you don’t need to pan after

10:48pm 30 Aug 2011

@andrewroycarter haha good question!

10:00pm 30 Aug 2011