Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

September 2011

Trying out some Mediterranean food! Really good so far.

11:36pm 30 Sep 2011

@reedstina they fell

8:02pm 30 Sep 2011

lol “@andrewroycarter: @painteddigital if you can squeeze in an image map +5 points”

7:24pm 30 Sep 2011

Today is full of circa-1995 accomplishments. Found a legit reason to use a table AND a gif. :D

7:20pm 30 Sep 2011

@aaaaashlee haha. It’s a flash-based creator. Are you trying I view on a mobile? Oh, and it’s amazing ;)

6:19pm 30 Sep 2011

@DaddyNewts YES!!!

3:32pm 30 Sep 2011

Dear @Spotify, sometimes one star is just not enough! Some songs deserve more.

3:18pm 30 Sep 2011

There goes the rest of my day. Pony creator –
cc: @reedstina

2:33pm 30 Sep 2011

@andrewroycarter @rockmaninoff that was me everyday this week!! O_*

2:03pm 30 Sep 2011

Rails file folder structure > Django’s mess

2:02pm 30 Sep 2011

@pobenschain not anymore ;)

8:27pm 29 Sep 2011

@brettw Shoyu Ramen – 7.5/10 Good noodles, good meat, nice oils in the broth, but the broth could be better.

12:47pm 29 Sep 2011

@andrewroycarter a purchase of SC2 is in the works :) Soon

12:56am 29 Sep 2011

@hamlinjr wow! That’s a rough day! Surely Mrs Hamlin understands that you’d rather have been at home

12:48am 29 Sep 2011

Trying out Tanpopo per @brettw‘s recommendation. I love ramen ^_^

10:24pm 28 Sep 2011

@lloydsoldout worst. Feeling. Ever.

9:21pm 28 Sep 2011

@pobenschain me too! I was really hoping for free kindles for Prime members. But at least it’s super cheap!

12:49pm 28 Sep 2011

@pobenschain samsies

12:48pm 28 Sep 2011

Amazing Kindle only $80! How cool is that?! Thought on Amazon Fire?

12:15pm 28 Sep 2011

@RyanMoser of course! The 3DS has a 3D slider

9:43pm 27 Sep 2011

@BallsParker lol. Pretty much.

7:37pm 27 Sep 2011

@BallsParker lol. Pretty much.

7:37pm 27 Sep 2011

@BallsParker gotta unsubscribe from people ;)

7:19pm 27 Sep 2011

.@veokami runs on coffee and chocolate :)

7:01pm 27 Sep 2011

Man splitting 2 files with repeat content into a master template with 2 children is hard! Makes my brain hurt :/ Need moar coffeez!!!

6:39pm 27 Sep 2011

@RyanMoser @michaelheald mine has! Been slowly getting through Zelda. Can’t wait for Mario Land 3D!

6:38pm 27 Sep 2011

@tenderlove weird…and awesome!!!

11:03pm 26 Sep 2011

Minor disaster: the dishwasher overflowed with bubbles!

2:11am 26 Sep 2011

@andrewroycarter awesome dude! Keep it up!

7:39pm 25 Sep 2011

@zeldman @gowalla agreed

1:54pm 25 Sep 2011