Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

November 2011

@boagworld use the less app for mac, give them .less extensions, tick minify, and you’re done :)

8:08pm 30 Nov 2011

Really wishing I could have gotten iTether yesterday before it was pulled :(

4:23pm 30 Nov 2011

@reidpeifer Congrats dude!

2:29pm 30 Nov 2011

@beep you would have a ball in Japan. “Let’s swimming!”

2:14pm 30 Nov 2011

@kevinvanw thanks dude!

12:47am 30 Nov 2011

Holy cow, @switchcam is at the top of Hacker News!

10:37pm 29 Nov 2011

@reedstina haha thanks babe!

7:13pm 29 Nov 2011

Going against all my aesthetic principles in favor of “likes.” Someone help me

2:46pm 29 Nov 2011

OH @davekuhn: “[Australia] is filled with 20 million pessimists”

2:10pm 29 Nov 2011

@ProdigyImages December is the worst month for it too

12:47pm 29 Nov 2011

@secondfret same here

12:21pm 29 Nov 2011

@clifgriffin oh well :/

12:17pm 29 Nov 2011

The consequence of sleep deprivation to a start-up

12:17pm 29 Nov 2011

No wonder their service was so terrible in Sept “@flyosity: American Airlines files for bankruptcy.”

12:12pm 29 Nov 2011

@clifgriffin just read this. Then saw it was pulled :(

12:10pm 29 Nov 2011

2:16am 29 Nov 2011

@StevenAnthonySF @therealangelofu @chanelzorz *jealous* you’re causing me to stumble

8:21pm 28 Nov 2011

I am! “@reedstina: Woah. Just figured out the font type in a WP theme by looking at the code. @painteddigital will be so proud. #geekgirl

8:04pm 28 Nov 2011

Yes! RT @24ways Priming the caches, warming the engine.

12:34pm 28 Nov 2011

@RyanMoser at church now, prob back around 11-12 est

8:38pm 27 Nov 2011

@RyanMoser yes! How late you up tonite?

8:36pm 27 Nov 2011

This is kind of a bummer sermon – Pastor Dave (@ Reality San Francisco Church)

8:29pm 27 Nov 2011

@andrewroycarter that’s cool!

7:29pm 27 Nov 2011

@RyanMoser @andrewroycarter for the record, that IS Fall weather out here and we love it!

7:28pm 27 Nov 2011

Hugo was great! In the words of @reedstina, very whimsical. Makes you feel like a kid again.

2:19am 27 Nov 2011

@ProdigyImages you’re hangin with the wrong type of girl

2:17am 27 Nov 2011

@RyanMoser that’s how I rolllllll

2:14am 27 Nov 2011

Opted for Hugo instead of Muppets. (@ AMC Loews Metreon 16 w/ 26 others)

11:25pm 26 Nov 2011

Christmas has come to SF! :D

11:04pm 26 Nov 2011

@andrewroycarter part of the reason I hate snow

10:56pm 26 Nov 2011