Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

February 2012

@RyanMoser haha no sticker on the beauty yet. We’re actually out

10:56pm 29 Feb 2012

Handling the front end for @switchcam means I get all the computers

10:21pm 29 Feb 2012

Stoked for this! RT @gteehan: A peek at Readability for iOS, featuring fonts by H&FJ, which debuts Thursday.

9:04pm 29 Feb 2012

Lunch at the @chairmantruck! Love food trucks #sflife

3:20pm 29 Feb 2012

@RyanMoser can’t tell you over twitter. You have to be in CA. Otherwise try kick me out.

11:36pm 28 Feb 2012

@chriscoyier I love the fact that your frog changes color with the different sizes of css-tricks

6:31pm 28 Feb 2012

Playing with box-sizing. It just feels dirty. I know this is going to come back to bite me

6:26pm 28 Feb 2012

@mantia Hate it. So irritating. I think I just avoid it now.

3:18pm 28 Feb 2012

@Noahtorious good choice. Represent

5:10pm 27 Feb 2012

Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday on the radio and a snuggly dog in here #sflife (at Elite Coffee + Wine Bar) —

12:47pm 27 Feb 2012

@tif_smith are you using Chrome? It will show you what CSS is overwriting the other

2:01am 27 Feb 2012

@mattwiebe haha yeah, I agree

9:39pm 26 Feb 2012

Man Hugo is KILLING it at the Oscars. Great movie. Not that I’m watching them or anything…

9:33pm 26 Feb 2012

@RyanMoser vroom vroom!

9:31pm 26 Feb 2012

Tummy is full of pastries and coffee :) It’s time for church! (at Reality San Francisco Church) —

2:04pm 26 Feb 2012

@reedstina @RyanMoser Correction: it’s amazing. Called “How Beer Saved The World” haha

1:22pm 26 Feb 2012

Found Wild Target on @instant_netflix tonight. It’s really entertaining. Like a Spy/Comedy

1:09am 26 Feb 2012

@RyanMoser yep! Nice and fast :)

10:04pm 25 Feb 2012

Watching Senna and installing Ruby on Rails on my new work MacBook Pro. I am blessed. This is a good day

9:02pm 25 Feb 2012

@RyanMoser @andrewroycarter @llleighanne DO IT!

8:00pm 25 Feb 2012

@LucasTizma I know some people at Epic. They’re a good church, but just not a good fit for us. Let me know if you come by Reality

7:02pm 25 Feb 2012

@brianmwang @dicktalens oh yeah! Welcome to the cool lunch table

6:49pm 25 Feb 2012

@TheRealAngeloFu love that pic

5:50pm 25 Feb 2012

@LucasTizma love it. Esp. my small group. has teachings

4:20pm 25 Feb 2012

@tif_smith @ryanmoser Get it sorted?

2:48am 25 Feb 2012

@Noahtorious listening to Porter Robinson on the surround sound right now in honor

12:23am 25 Feb 2012

@Noahtorious that’s awesome!!! Video!

12:09am 25 Feb 2012

Just watched the trailer for Coriolanus and Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Both look really cool!

11:53pm 24 Feb 2012

Just watched the trailer for Coriolanus and Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Both look really cool!

11:53pm 24 Feb 2012

Second designer tip of the day: change the default location of your screenshots

10:59pm 24 Feb 2012