Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

April 2012

Having a chat with @boagworld @mikekus and @ryangoodman. What?! So crazy. #designidols

11:42pm 30 Apr 2012

MGM #FILive #instameet

10:43pm 30 Apr 2012

@mikekus I’ll be there!

7:29pm 30 Apr 2012

@mikekus I’ll be there!

7:29pm 30 Apr 2012

“85% of mobile usage is in the home” – @hellofisher #FILive

6:39pm 30 Apr 2012

“85% of mobile usage is in the home” – @hellofisher #FILive

6:39pm 30 Apr 2012

“Phase 2 of a project never happens” -@hellofisher #FILive

6:06pm 30 Apr 2012

@andrewroycarter Yeah, as big as they are, they definitely should have a few on the East Coast

3:11pm 30 Apr 2012

@andrewroycarter It’s very probable. Probably caching them somehow

3:11pm 30 Apr 2012

@andrewroycarter I wander if it’s your distance from a data center

3:10pm 30 Apr 2012

@andrewroycarter I never have trouble on the desktop. Have you seen their cool new adaptive scaling? Try that. It’ll improve as it buffers

3:07pm 30 Apr 2012

@RyanMoser oh man! Looks great. They need an SF location :)

3:06pm 30 Apr 2012

@andrewroycarter what? Why do you say that?

3:05pm 30 Apr 2012

@RyanMoser FINALLY!!

3:04pm 30 Apr 2012

Learning the Canadian way (prooocess) of UX from @hellofisher. #FILive

2:13pm 30 Apr 2012

@LucasTizma yes

10:49pm 29 Apr 2012

@patxishayes pepperoni. Love it! Calling in ahead was a great help too!

9:17pm 29 Apr 2012

@lloydsoldout @andrewroycarter @ryanmoser @ballsparker @pobenschain Count me in! West Coast represent!

9:14pm 29 Apr 2012

@RyanMoser yeah mang! Slight tweak

8:10pm 29 Apr 2012

@Ryushi_to_2022 haha thanks!

5:44pm 29 Apr 2012

Making my way to Vegas to work on the World Wide Web #FILive (at @flySFO) —

5:15pm 29 Apr 2012 pretty proud of this. It’s iPhone-friendly

10:23pm 28 Apr 2012

Coffee time! Updating the blog today and makin beats. Saturdays FTW!

6:19pm 28 Apr 2012

@roquejokes I’m so confüsed by that bike! What’s the strap by the seat do? What about the chain tension thingy?

6:18pm 28 Apr 2012

@Noahtorious haha

6:15pm 28 Apr 2012

@andrewroycarter nice! Haven’t played in so long! Dude I think I’m sold on Ableton Live. It’s so easy to play with

12:33am 28 Apr 2012

Chicago Pizza with my love (with Christina at @patxishayes) —

10:07pm 27 Apr 2012

@RyanMoser those are hot

6:04pm 27 Apr 2012

At super-slow Blue Bottle so I can be super-fast this morning (at @bluebottlemint) —

12:26pm 27 Apr 2012

@SeReed97 it’s a Reed party!

7:13pm 26 Apr 2012