Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

May 2012

@andrewroycarter most people I know who use Android do it b/c it was the cheaper option.

10:20pm 31 May 2012

@kaitsully don’t stress Kaitsully!!! It’ll be ok!

7:58pm 31 May 2012

@kaitsully don’t stress Kaitsully!!! It’ll be ok!

7:58pm 31 May 2012

@harryfike do it

5:40pm 31 May 2012

If you want to start building webapps, do yourself a favor and learn/use Ruby-on-Rails, not Django or PHP (I’ve used all 3)

5:35pm 31 May 2012

@Noahtorious @PostRocket @itsmikemags @tchae @kwliang Nice work guys! Don’t spend it all in one place :P

3:28pm 31 May 2012

@andrewroycarter @Jonba i’ll give it my annual once-over…

12:21pm 31 May 2012

@andrewroycarter @Jonba blech. Every time I’ve played that game i’m left with the feeling that I never want to play it again

12:18pm 31 May 2012

San Francisco Bay Bridge at night!

12:05pm 31 May 2012

@BenjaminCoe same on Sundays? (just being picky :P )

1:20am 31 May 2012

If you like skateboarding, you NEED to see this video of Killian Martin Mind blowing

1:08am 31 May 2012

@BenjaminCoe wow! So disciplined! I feel like I could use some of that…what times roughly?

1:03am 31 May 2012

@BenjaminCoe Hey Ben, I want to go to Mission Cliffs sometime. You feel like coaching a newb?

1:01am 31 May 2012

@RyanMoser bwahaha!

1:00am 31 May 2012

@reedstina CIRO’S!!!!!! GIMME!!!

8:08pm 30 May 2012

@reedstina CIRO’S!!!!!! GIMME!!!

8:08pm 30 May 2012

@TheRealAngeloFu I miss you bud! Wish your trip wasn’t at the same time as Christina’s. A lot of missed hang-out time opportunities!

6:15pm 30 May 2012

5:55pm 30 May 2012

@reedstina lol

3:57pm 30 May 2012

@reedstina sad times

3:54pm 30 May 2012

@Rachel_Kolb yay! I do miss her, but I guess I have to share :P

2:10pm 30 May 2012

@Rachel_Kolb awesome!

2:07pm 30 May 2012

I came across an article I really liked this week that had no “like” button and I thought: “hmm I’ll have to share this…”

1:53am 30 May 2012

@tif_smith :( hope you get it sorted

9:52pm 29 May 2012

@reedstina :/

7:30pm 29 May 2012

@Noahtorious so sick, right? I’m super impressed

4:26pm 29 May 2012

@rleshner @noahtorious Mega Man is the root of all techno

4:25pm 29 May 2012

@Noahtorious listen to this yet?!

1:07pm 29 May 2012

@reedstina it was really good “@realitysf: Audio from Sunday is up. The Question Maker”

12:10pm 29 May 2012

@aimeebidlack that’s great! Ours is August 1 :)

11:49am 29 May 2012