Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

June 2012

@andrewroycarter @reedstina hehehe we’ll be waiting!!!

11:20pm 30 Jun 2012

Busy day of shopping! Almost settled on a pair of raw denim. (with Christina at Pakwan Restaurant) —

10:44pm 30 Jun 2012

Dude on the bus has an interesting setup #munidiaries

4:55pm 30 Jun 2012

@RyanMoser nice

3:25pm 30 Jun 2012

@andrewroycarter that is dangerous! Be sure to stay somewhere dark and internetted. If you have to travel, bring extra power cords & coffee

1:47pm 30 Jun 2012

.@JimGaffigan 2012 Special on Instant Netflix. Sooo funny. More food jokes.

2:26am 30 Jun 2012

1:12am 30 Jun 2012

@andrewroycarter love your storm live-tweets :)

12:57am 30 Jun 2012

@annaphou @reedstina looks like a little kid in that pic :)

7:50pm 29 Jun 2012

@RyanMoser yeah man! So sore. @BenjaminCoe taught me a lot

12:54am 29 Jun 2012

@BenjaminCoe same here man! Sorry I didn’t get a pick of you upside down :P

12:54am 29 Jun 2012

Climbing rocks w @BenjaminCoe

10:12pm 28 Jun 2012

@roboticarm oh, that is a little strange. My browser wasn’t big enough to notice before you said that

5:31pm 28 Jun 2012

Oooo! Love the new @instagram web view. Much improved! Ex:

4:51pm 28 Jun 2012

@mschneider dude you should come to the attributes of God class. Your writing is great art

4:50pm 28 Jun 2012

@Noahtorious I won’t make it until then! 12:30?!

2:14pm 28 Jun 2012

@Noahtorious aight, let’s do it!

12:58pm 28 Jun 2012

@blk hahaha

10:16pm 27 Jun 2012

@Noahtorious maybe!

9:34pm 27 Jun 2012

There is a fortran compiler running my work computer. Python, you so crazy.

8:12pm 27 Jun 2012

“@PlayAtHomeWife: Results from my “project organize” so far.” My house never looked so good!

6:27pm 27 Jun 2012

@annaphou @reedstina what?!?!

9:17pm 26 Jun 2012

I just favorited Digitalism – Encore – Spiller and 2 Guys in Venice Remix by @digitalismMusic on #SoundCloud

2:29pm 26 Jun 2012

I just favorited Madeon – Minimix (Annie Mac Radio 1) by @madeon on #SoundCloud

2:28pm 26 Jun 2012

@mschneider glad you have new roommates!

2:33am 26 Jun 2012

9:18pm 25 Jun 2012

Really sweet remix of Nero’s “Me & You” played by @skrillex at Bonnaroo Pls lemme know if it buffers too much on you

9:17pm 25 Jun 2012

@hamlinjr THE WORST!

5:51pm 25 Jun 2012

@mschneider saving teenage girls

12:14am 24 Jun 2012

Suddenly backstage at The Warped Tour w @reedstina @mschneider & @annaphou!

4:23pm 23 Jun 2012