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Lynchburg, VA |

July 2012

Authentic! (Chicken Curry @ Volcano Curry)

4:06pm 31 Jul 2012

Trying a new curry place! (with Andrew, Christina, and Leighanne at Volcano Curry of Japan) —

4:01pm 31 Jul 2012

@blk ha! Wow that’s cool. Thx for sharing

1:53pm 31 Jul 2012

@RyanMoser hahaha

1:26pm 31 Jul 2012

@mschneider yup!

7:33pm 30 Jul 2012

Opening @andrewroycarter’s eyes to the joys of the Japanese Dollar store (at Daiso) —

3:38pm 30 Jul 2012

OH: @andrewroycarter “This is like the fanciest thing I’ve done all week. But it’s all ruined because I’m wearing Nike shoes”

11:44pm 29 Jul 2012

Guest speaker Al Abdullah is killing it tonight. (at Reality San Francisco Church) —

8:52pm 29 Jul 2012

5:54pm 29 Jul 2012

@LucasTizma I have the @LucasTizma stamp of approval!

2:02am 29 Jul 2012

@LucasTizma I have the @LucasTizma stamp of approval!

2:02am 29 Jul 2012

@Noahtorious negative :/

11:39pm 28 Jul 2012

@gavinpurcell @lloydsoldout they’re pretty terrible

7:56pm 28 Jul 2012

@jcweinberg @andrewroycarter @LucasTizma on our way! Google says one hr (;´Д`A

7:53pm 28 Jul 2012

@eridius @LucasTizma @andrewroycarter @jcweinberg @joshavant same.

7:52pm 28 Jul 2012

@LucasTizma nice!

11:55pm 27 Jul 2012

@RyanMoser nice pano dude!!

11:18pm 27 Jul 2012

@andrewroycarter @lucastizma @eridius @jcweinberg @joshavant I’m down to host tonight or tomorrow, but my place is tiny!

8:59pm 27 Jul 2012

@LucasTizma @andrewroycarter oh this is on! I haven’t played meleé in 2.5 years!!!

8:54pm 27 Jul 2012

@andrewroycarter I have SSBB, but @lucastizma will need to bring a controller methinks

8:52pm 27 Jul 2012

@LucasTizma you can come over to my place this weekend and watch my beat @andrewroycarter at all kinds of video games :P

8:47pm 27 Jul 2012

@MrSnugglePuggle I cant believe I actually knew who that was

6:45pm 27 Jul 2012

@andrewroycarter @reedstina YAY!!!!

4:24pm 27 Jul 2012

12:05pm 27 Jul 2012

12:05pm 27 Jul 2012

.@andrewroycarter is comin to visit me today!!! Can’t wait. A week off work and exploring NorCal

11:12am 27 Jul 2012

@niketdesai what are you reading? I was just walking down the street today thinking how I miss their politeness

1:50am 27 Jul 2012

@Noahtorious @netskymusic love it dude! Been on repeat all week

11:10pm 26 Jul 2012

@DannPetty agreed

10:07pm 26 Jul 2012

@fowlduck congrats man!!!

8:49pm 26 Jul 2012