Matt Reed @painteddigital
Lynchburg, VA |

October 2012

@jenna thinking about your 1-day active point from last night, it might be connected to why I have an aversion to designing B2B/Enterprise

1:39pm 10 Oct 2012

@rachaelarreguin hehe good! Always lookin out for you ;)

3:23pm 9 Oct 2012

@addison YAY! Checking it out after I get tired of the new Ellie Goulding.

3:12pm 9 Oct 2012

The worst part about building your site with Facebook login is the distraction it causes whenever you need to login/logout. Must…focus…!

3:11pm 9 Oct 2012

New Ellie Goulding album on Spotify!! ♫ Halcyon – Ellie Goulding #Spotify

12:45pm 9 Oct 2012

@RyanMoser @andrewroycarter thanks for the heads up

8:51pm 8 Oct 2012

@andrewroycarter what to know!

8:51pm 8 Oct 2012

@kylebragger @keithholjencin Wow!

6:17pm 8 Oct 2012

@boagworld @Malarkey This is what the internet was made for!

4:08pm 8 Oct 2012

@tofugu Nodame, Hana Kimi, Hanadan, Enjin, Kurosagi, and Liar Game …all tie for #1 :P

4:00pm 8 Oct 2012

3:57pm 8 Oct 2012

Study a language and your brain will grow!

3:54pm 8 Oct 2012

Dude is walking down the street trying to get into every car. Lock your doors.

12:55am 8 Oct 2012

@kaitsully hahaha. Get well soon?

3:57pm 7 Oct 2012

9:25pm 6 Oct 2012

Learning to play Kubb with the @switchcam team

9:34pm 5 Oct 2012

@isaacw Coffeeeeeeee

5:12pm 5 Oct 2012

@andrewroycarter That’s awesome!!

7:41pm 4 Oct 2012

@RyanMoser $50!

7:39pm 4 Oct 2012

Cool read on Hex colors – The Code Side Of Color via @smashingmag

4:24pm 4 Oct 2012

@caseyjoens you can never trust “the news”

2:47pm 3 Oct 2012

@dave_lomas awesome!

8:21pm 2 Oct 2012

3:58pm 2 Oct 2012

Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It via @aarron

3:54pm 2 Oct 2012